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Institutional Partners

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My Bookstore-in-a-Box

bookstore logoMy Bookstore in a Box is our a la carte service for college textbooks providers that offers a unique blend of custom bookstore solutions. It’s as simple as your bookstore showing up in a box. My Bookstore in a Box believes that all bookstore problems can be transformed into specifically tailored profitable solutions for each institution.

First Class Cellular Repair

first class logoFirst Class Cellular Repair is our division that services the growing need for smart phone repairs. We specialize in repairs on a variety of popular smart phones and other devices including iPhone, Android, Blackberry iPods, iPads and other tablets. Our goal is to keep the focus on the needs of our customers. We exist to add value to the smart device repair business. The majority of our new clients are referred by previous customers. We deliver fast and convenient solutions to any smartphone issue while providing the best price and customer service.


qbot logo

QBOT is a unique loyalty rewards program that allows users to earn multiple rewards from the same merchant. Our smartphone app replaces the typical paper and plastic loyalty cards issued by companies. We bring all of your loyalty programs into one conveniently user-friendly application.


esume logoeSume’ is the tool that will change how colleges and career paths are chosen, how curriculum is set, and how industry interacts with prospective candidates. eSume’ is divided into three major parts: eSume’ Recruit, eSume’ Hired and eSume’ Advisor.

Unified Systems

unified logoUnified Systems is an elite provider of personalized automation and control systems, as well as other related services, specifically designed for custom electronics installers and consumers. We offer state of the art integration that allows users to control and automate the lighting, music, video, security and energy devices within a single home or business automatically. Unified Systems experience and expertise allows for the use of advanced wireless, web and mobile technologies to bring better security right to our customers’ front door. With a passion for elegance and functionality, Unified Systems is committed to providing the convenience and peace of mind that comes with knowing your home or businesses is elegantly equipped to run comfortably,safely and efficiently. Because everything works together, we are able to provide the ultimate Unified Systems experience.