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Divisions of BBA

The college textbook business has grown in diversity since we started in 1996. BBA executives still spend time on the frontlines, in order to maintain close contact with customers. Our mission is to provide solutions for any customer-related challenge. This process has led us toward developing new brands, to better address changing market needs. These brands include:

Textbook Brokers

Since 1997 Textbook Brokers, and its partner stores, have been committed to excellence. We define our excellence by a strong commitment to customer service. Also, by understanding that college is an expense which can become a burden to both students and parents, we feel that by keeping the cost of textbooks low education becomes more affordable. Every year, we do our best to contribute to the communities and universities around the US. We have also been active in both state and national legislations, advocating for the reduction of cost to students for textbooks.

First Class Books

FirstClassBooks.com is our online buy/sell solution for college textbooks. Through partnerships with Amazon, Half, eBay and Barnes & Noble FirstClassBooks.com has grown to become the 4th largest online textbook retailer in the country.


RentText.com is your premier online source for renting college textbooks. We have a simple and convenient web interface that enables customers to easily rent, buy and sell textbooks back. Renttext offers the highest sell back value on most books and provides a simple process for sellers to receive their money. Students can go online and enter either the title, author, or ISBN of each textbook. After the order is complete, buyers can pay with a credit card and choose from both standard and expedited shipping options. Return shipping is free.