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Studies show that 92% of college students decide on where to purchase their textbooks based upon the best price. In recent years, many legacy companies have lost market share to internet venues such as Amazon or Chegg. In the same period, our company has been experiencing double digit sales growth because of our pricing advantage.

BBA has always had the lowest textbook prices in the industry. On average, we are 25% less expensive than the other name brand service companies. Why? Because we shop for used textbooks all year long, we are innovative in our procurement methods and we work harder than everyone else. This business model has been true since our founding in 1996.


Financial Component and Offering

BBA offers the best value to both students and our institutional partners. The BBA business model provides a sustainable commission rate because our low prices generate the highest market penetration in the industry.

Please compare our prices to the others; we have the advantage.


Confused by all of the different digital offerings out there? Don’t be. We have you covered.


BBA has a partnership with VitalSource to provide e-Textbooks. VitalSource is owned by the five largest college textbook publishers and thereby are the biggest provider of digital college textbooks in the industry. They offer about 40,000 titles and cover about 90% of the core textbook market with 50 publishing partners. Unlike any other provider, VitalSource offers the titles that faculty adopt and students use.

The VitalSource product is very dynamic and offers features such as:

  • Anytime, anywhere, any device
  • Infinite zoom without loss of clarity
  • Choice of page view: single, side-by-side, thumbnail
  • Easy navigation with multiple access points
  • Ability to take notes, highlight text, bookmarking with aggregation for easy organization and printing; and robust search features
  • Sharing within the reader with instructor or classmates

The BBA agreement with VitalSource is not exclusive and we can utilize other e-Textbook providers as the market demand and need of the institution requires. All of our e-Textbooks are available to the student when they transact business in our stores. We accept payment for them in the same way we do for any product.