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Our Company


What We Do

BBA Solutions is not just another textbook company; we are a multi-faceted business operation with retail locations from coast-to-coast. We listen to our university partners and our student customer base about how to make the college experience more affordable, fun and efficient.

Then, we execute a plan that delivers:

  • Great Products
  • Real-Time Solutions
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Above and Beyond Management Philosophy
  • True Partnership

How We Do It

Our management team is in tune with the rapidly changing needs of the college student. We don’t just follow the traditions of the past, we create new ones. Because customers want convenience at a fair price, BBA Solutions utilizes proprietary pricing strategies that are customized to individual college campuses.This strategy generously affords an increase in sales that can be shared with our college and university partners.

Contact us and we can tell you more about our business model.

We Are Here for You

BBA Solutions is an industry leader in the college textbook space. With revenues exceeding $180 million in 2015, our company has over 100 retail locations spanning 24 states along with vibrant online businesses.

BBA is debt free and looking to expand our success into new areas of the United States. Our experienced team is ready to address your campus needs.

With over 110 stores and multiple e-commerce solutions, BBA touches virtually every college student nationwide by making over 1 million textbooks available every day. BBA is a leader of low textbook prices. Why? Because we source used textbooks year round and utilize our book stores distribution chain.

Price Leader


Customized Designed Space

High Efficiency & Low Overhead

Unique New Store Growth Model


We are experts in providing a custom bookstore solution for your institution. We understand each school is different and the bookstore should reflect that.

Full Service

The University of Central Arkansas is an institution with 10,000 students located in Conway, Arkansas. BBA handles every aspect of managing this business for UCA. When you are a partner with BBA, we will customize to fit the needs of the institution, not the other way around.

Just in Time

BBA has the capability to create a temporary textbook depot on your campus. BBA has found this model successful in situations where a full service bookstore was not feasible. One of the advantages of this model is that it provides boots on the ground during the critical beginning and ending segments of the semester.


Our satellite option is very similar to the “Just In Time” solution. We can fulfill textbook and supply sales at any number of satellite campuses. This offer is unique to BBA.

Online Only

In situations where there is no other feasible option, BBA can provide an online store to satisfy the needs of the students on your campus.

Financial Aid

Financial Aid Integration is the backbone of the bookstore operation. Our team is ready to make sure your students’ transactions are accurate, timely, and safe. You can have peace of mind knowing your bookstore is fully integrated with your student information system.

BBA has its own internal Information Technology department. Our proprietary Point-Of-Sale System will seamlessly link with any financial aid package on the market. In addition, our team will perform all the necessary programming needed to integrate without any cost to your institution.

Examples of financial aid products that BBA has integrated with include: